2010-08-09 03:02:59 by Exotec

Hey everyone!
We just recently posted a tutorial video on how to make a Trance lead synth in Reason as a way to give back to our fans and supporters and to hopefully inspire others to start creating as well! So, without further adue, enjoy! Thank you all for the positive feedback! :)
-Bailey & Kris

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2010-08-10 16:44:31

nice vid, ty for the tutorial! I've been using GarageBand, but honestly, it kinda sucks. Gonna try out Reason.

Exotec responds:

No problem :) Actually, I (Bailey) started out with GarageBand as well, and it IS a useful starter program, however it isn't extensive enough as you get more advanced and start tweaking more paramters within your synths, fx, etc... I would definitely recommend Reason or Fl Studio if you're getting more serious with your music! Thanks for commenting :)


2010-09-13 08:41:49

Go Exotec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
damn you Rock!!