Entry #9

Aylius - Press To Start EP releasing September 8th!

2012-08-29 18:12:57 by Exotec

Hey guys!
As you may already know by know, I recently signed with 50/50 Records! I'll be releasing my EP "Press To Start" with them on September 8th. It'll be available on iTunes, Beatport, and all other major music services! Make sure you buy yourself a copy to support my music! :) Here's a preview of my newest track (currently unreleased) that you can buy on my EP when it comes out on the 8th!

Thank you guys for your continued support!

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2012-09-10 02:08:40

Your music is what sparked my interest in dubstep!

Exotec responds:

That's great to hear, man! :) I'm glad I could bring an awesome genre to your ears :P